Remote Control Service G-REMOTE– 30 days free trial is available. –

The service starts from 10 countries and will be expanded to other area sequentially.
(the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan.)

Cloud service available for GL Series users

This service includes Remote control service for GL260 connected to the Internet and Data storage service for saving recorded data of the GL series on a server.

  • This service has G-REMOTE server and G-DRIVE server for each of the above functions.

Remote control service

  • Easy remote control of GL260 from a web browser.
  • Simple and easy-to-use control screen.
  • Easy setup by same menu design as the GL main unit.
  • All communications are encrypted.

Available Model: GL260
* Wireless LAN unit B-568 (optional item) is required.
* B-568 is available in limited region.

Control & waveform display

Number of GL260 can be remotely controlled simultaneously

Free trialBasicStandardPremium
1 unit1 unit5 uits10 units

Add On functions

In addition to the Remote control service, more convenient services are available for all plans.

CSV play function

Play the data recorded in CSV files on G-REMOTE

Download timer

Transfer the data from a logger to a PC automatically at specified time

SSL/TLS communication between cloud server (G-REMOTE) and PC

All communications are encrypted.

Full security system is used.

Data storage service

  • Cloud storage is available in all plans
  • Backup of recorded data
    (Can be specified as a storage destination for FTP backup function)
  • Secure FTPS communication with a PC

Available Models
GL7000, GL2000, GL980, GL840, GL240, GL260 and GLT400.

Max. 10GB data storage and 30 units can be accessed simultaneously

Server capacity

Max. 10GB

Free trialBasicStandardPremium
Connectable data logger

Max. 30 units
(Total of data loggers and PCs)

Free trialBasicStandardPremium
3 units3 units15 units30 units

Recording time guide per 1GB

CHSampling speedRecording time (approx.)
8ch1ms14 hours
10ch100ms50 days
10ch1sec.500 days
100ch1min.3000 days
200ch10min.16000 days

Backup to cloud server using the FTP function of GL series

Header LabelsBackup IntervalBackup File Format
GL seriesEvery 1 / 2 / 6 / 12 / 24 hoursGBD format / CSV format *1 *2
  1. GL7000 is available in GBD format only. GL840 has a function to delete data in the unit on successful backup.
  2. Depending on the model, sampling speed is limited in CSV format: maximum 10 ms for GL980/GL2000, and maximum 100 ms for GL840/GL240/GLT400.

Secure FTPS data transfer

FTPS communication between

cloud server (G-DRIVE) and PC

Download and playback data

Data download

  • Download software “Download App”
  • After installing the software on the PC, access the cloud server and select the file to download.

Data playback

Download from G-DRIVE via PC application (Timer function to download data at a specified time is installed)
*The app and GL-Connection can be downloaded free of charge from our website.