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GL980_2000-APS download

Software License Agreement

It is required to review the following license agreement before the software is downloaded. We will be deemed that the customer has to agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement when the software had been downloaded by the customer. Please note that it is not possible to download or use the software if the customer does not agree to it.

Downloading Files

Ver.1.05 (Latest version)

Date of updated26 Mar. 2024
Supported ProductsGL2000 / GL980
Supported OSWindows 11 / 10
Downloading filesSoftwareGL980_2000-APS_V1.05.zip (247,222KB)
User manualAPS(GL980_2000)-UM-151-02.pdf (5,070KB)

Revision History


  1. Fixed the problem that the language setting may not be switched properly depending on the PC environment.
  2. Revised the Korean translation.


  1. Fixed the problem that span values and waveforms are not displayed correctly when Y-axis span values or Y-axis auto scale are changed with the screen set to two or more sections in Y-T display.
  2. Fixed the problem that the ring capture / relay capture setting was not properly reflected in the data logger.


  1. Fixed the problem that recorded data files cannot be deleted during repeat capturing.
  2. Fixed the problem that the order of data is not correct and cannot be played if converting a GBD file that has a discrepancy between the channel with input Off and the channel with alarm setting Off to a CSV file.
  3. Fixed the problem that an error occurs when recording starts with a folder that does not exist in the PC recording destination.


  1. Changed some English, French, German, and Chinese texts.
  2. Fixed the problem that the orientation is not correct when printing the screen is set to the full waveform screen.
  3. Fixed the problem that the folder of the GL Logger itself was not deleted correctly from the APS.
  4. Fixed the problem that waveforms and alarms are not correct when a recorded file that has been converted and saved by APS with inter-CH operation on the data logger.


  1. Initial version.