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Software License Agreement

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Downloading Files

Ver.1.03 (Latest version)

Date of updated5 Jun, 2024
Supported ProductsGL260
Downloading (3,703KB)
How to upgrade firmwareGL260UP_E_WEB.pdf (234KB)

Revision History


  1. Fixed the problem that the calculation may not be performed correctly when the voltage setting of the source CH is in the mV unit range in the 4-point input setting of the CH-to-CH calculation function.
  2. Fixed the problem that half-width kana cannot be pasted from the clipboard in string input.
  3. Corrected errors in Korean notation in the WEB server and settings menu.


  1. Fixed the problem that the screen sometimes locks up when loading the configuration file (operation settings) while wireless LAN module is installed.
  2. Linked to HELP function QR code to the Graphtec English website.


  1. Initial version