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GLT400 @

Contents of the Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • USB driver
  • Manual (for main unit control, communication, data file, ModBus TCP specification (GLT400 only))
  • Sample programs etc. (including LabView VI)

In providing the Software development kit (SDK)

The SDK (Software Development Kit, include command manual and document for implementing the Windows driver, exclude the utility software to create the program in each programming language) for our products are available, please fill the required information to the following application form, and then submit it. It is required to review the following agreement before the application form is submitted to us. The SDK will be provided to you after confirming the contents on submitted application.

For inquiries or questions

Please send an email to the following address.

When you are in Korea, please contact to the Kostech Inc. who is a representative of Graphtec in Korea.


  1. Please read the following agreement. When you agree it, please click the "Accept" button that is located in the lower part of the page.
  2. The application form will appear. Please fill information to it. The product that you plan to use needs to be specified. Please enter the model number of the product to the form referring the model number list.
  3. Please click the "Send" button after you confirm the entered information.
  4. The message of confirmation will be mailed to the registered e-mail address after the application is submitted.
  5. The SDK will be provided to you in a few days. The information will be sent by an e-mail.

When you agree with the covenant, please click the following button to apply.