Full Color Image Scanner CSX500 series

High-speed and Real Image

CSX500 series is the A0 large format scanner with an optical resolution of 600 dpi, ensures accurate color reproduction and high throughput. Graphtec original system “LUXios Engine” has been installed to operate the fastest scanning in class and high-precision, high-quality scanning. It supports Adobe® RGB compatible color space and the package includes an advanced multifunctional software.

CSX500 series

Advanced Scanning Engine – LUXios –

It is a coined word that symbolizes the proprietary technology of Graphtec scanners, focusing on the process of the “reading the light” and “creating the image in fast”.

LUX” (light in Latin)
image operation”

Graphtec have developed the high-precision image scanner sticking to the process of the light and image.

  • The “s” in the “Luxios” has also the meaning of the “speed”.

Fastest Speed in the Class

Graphtec Corp has improved the total throughput time by combining the fastest feed speed with optimized 64 bit
This new concept produces a remarkable increase in scanning speed which is four times faster than a former model.

Total throughput time means the time taken from from the start of
the scan to the point when editing or ling of the captured image may begin.

Real Color

Supports sRGB and Adobe® RGB color space for wider
color reproduction.
The Adobe® RGB compatible mode supports a wider color space than sRGB.

High Image Quality

The RGB colorshifts that typically occur between 200 and 300 dpi are greatly reduced by our newly designed digital processing system.
This means that high-quality images are available at fast
scanning speeds.

Scanning Master Pro Color (Standard software)

Scanning Master Pro Color software enables easy editing and management of image files.
It has useful features for file management and file sharing such as image linking, auto de-skew, auto de-speckle, background color suppression, re-touching and deleting together with search function, thumbnail view and display tree of image files.

Scanning ARTS2 for WIN (Standard software)

The Scanning ARTS2 for WIN software can easily build the large format copy system by combining the existing large-format printers and Graphtec scanners. Also, it can easily be configured the settings such as color or
monochrome, document type, document size, print size, number of copies. This large size copying system can be used very conveniently just like a photocopying machine.