Main Features

  1. Continuous, hands-free sheet media loading and processing
  2. Dedicated software ensure accurate alignment of contours and printed images
  3. Camera quickly detects 2-point reference marks for alignment
  4. Performs half cutting, perforation cutting as die cutting and dashed line cutting

Increases production efficiency by automatic reloading

The auto sheet feeder reloads the media to the cutting plotter automatically. The cutting process is executed repeatedly with replacing the media. It enables to significantly improve productivity in cutting a large number of media with the same patterns. The following steps are automatically repeated continuity until specified number of copies are made.


It is suitable for post-processing of the printed media created with the print-on-demand in small production runs for producing various products such as labels, heat transfer sheets for custom apparel and the POP as table advertising.

Components of the system

*The cutting plotter (CE7000-40) is not included in the system. The F-MARK2 is a product of ATS Digital S.r.l.

* F-MARK2 works only with the dedicated software.
* Function of the CE7000-40 will be limited when the dedicated software is used.

Auto Sheet Feeder Unit

An arm with air suction cups lifts the media from the supply tray and places it into the cutter. Suction force is improved 30% from previous model because of enhancing air suction cups. It is able to place the sheet media including Super A3 to A4 and its equivalent in the supply tray. It is able to stack up to 200 sheets of media or up to 35 mm high on the media supply tray.
* Number of sheet varies by the material, thickness and condition of media.
* The cutting plotter is not included in the system.


Quickly detects 2-point reference marks for aligning the contour & printed images by the camera that is mounted on the top cover of the cutting plotter.

Exit tray

After cutting is completed, sheets are ejected in the tray.
* It may not be able to catch many quantity of sheets. It varies by the material, thickness and condition of media. It is required to periodically remove sheets from the tray.

Digital Cutting Software (for Windows)

Dedicated software controls the auto sheet feeding system and transfers contour cutting data to the plotter.
The system includes dedicated application software. After media is loaded, the attached camera quickly detects 2-point reference marks and corrects alignment before contour cutting data is transferred, giving you the perfect cut every time. The software configures cutting conditions such as number of copies, cutting force, cutting speed, offset, and number of paths, and it can import Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW EPS files as the contour data.
* Designs created with any version of Illustrator or CorelDRAW need to be saved or exported in the specified format.