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FC4500 series

A New Generation of Flatbed Cutting Plotters is Here!

The all-new FC4500 series flatbed cutting plotters from Graphtec are available in two useful sizes. Check them out right here on our website. Read on to learn more!

Flatbed Cutting Plotters are used for a wide range of industrial applicatons and processes. Max. 750 mm/S cutting speed for high performance and productivity from your desk-top model

Has a good selection of tools so suitable for various processes

Precise control of contour cut, half cut, perforated cut, and plotting.
Ideal for creating samples or small production runs.

Suitable for print and cut using ARMS

Equipped the ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system). Easy and accurate cutting of pre-printed images using Cutting Master 2. Enables higher productivity of POP, stickers and prototype cartons.

Work with harder, thicker, and thinner materials

Suitable for PET (polyethylene terephthalate), Polyamide, Stiff paper, Cardboard, Microflute board or Industrial materials with precise adjustable cut pressure up to 600gf.


Enhanced functions for higher productivity

Repeated cutting function

This function enables multi pass cutting to be performed on a medium that cannot be cut with a single cutting operation.

2-Tool holders for easy selection

Two tools can be mounted at the same time for easy switching. If the cutter blade and the creasing tool are mounted at the same time, cutting and scoring operations are performed automatically for higher productivity.
Note: The second tool is held by magnetic force on the FC4500-50 so the choice of tool is limited.

The spacing between the two lines indicated by the arrows should be approximately equal to the thickness of the substrate.

However, the type of substrate being scored and the temperature and humidity of the working environment can all affect the ideal value. Please adjust the settings to suit your own conditions.

Simple creasing function

A simple function to create fold lines for clean folding on micro-flute and cardboard has been enabled.

  • Up to three fold lines can be selected.
  • If two or three fold lines have been selected, the spacing between the lines can also be specified.
  • Repeated creasing operations can also be specified for each of the lines.

How to determine the number of crasing lines

  • Single-line : Substrates up to 0.1 mm thick
  • Double-line : Paperboard 0.1 to 0.5 mm thick
  • Triple-line : Rigid cardboard 0.3 to 0.5 mm thick

Advanced reverse-side cutting / creasing function

Cutting and creasing can be carried out from reverse-side when using the registration marks. This prevents crease line from appearing on the printed surface.

Tangential emulation

Graphtec's proprietary tangential emulation provides precise and clean cutting even on thicker material, ensuring sharp edges and corners.

Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system (ARMS)

Automatic ARMS sensitivity adjustmentAutomatic ARMS sensitivity adjustment New function

The sensitivity of the Mark sensor can be adjusted to match the cutting media, it enables the use of various colors of media & registration marks.

Automatic ARMS sensitivity adjustment

*Various combination of colors may not be able to read.

Segment area correctionSegment area compensation Original

The intermediate registration marks in the X-axis direction allow four-point correction for each individual segment area. This enables precise positioning over the whole area of prints that may have skewed during the printing process.

Automatic registration mark detectionAutomatic registration mark detection

Automatic registration mark detectionThe first registration mark is detected automatically, eliminating the need to move the head to the registration mark manually. Should registration marks not be found at the first attempt they are automatically re-detected, thus saving the time of starting over.

Four-point registration mark (two-axis skew) correctionFour-point registration mark (two-axis skew) correction Original

Four-point registration mark sensing and X/Y-axis correction uses high-precision positioning to ensure accurate cutting of graphics that have been skewed or deformed during printed.

Four-point registration mark (two-axis skew) correction

Multiple registration mark correctionMultiple registration mark set detectionn

The cutting data and layout information are sent for designs printed in multiple copies, enabling continuous detection of registration marks for cutting. This feature is essential when high accuracy cutting is required.

Multiple registration mark correction

Supports registration mark commandsSupports registration mark commands

Registration mark commands are provided to control ARMS functions from software.

  • Cutting Master 2

Cutting Master 2

This plug-in software allows direct cutting from graphics applications. For higher productivity, create graphics or text in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, then simply output directly to the plotter.

Main Features

  • Possible to check the cutting lines by preview window
  • Centering, Rotate, Mirror for easy layout
  • Outlines for characters are created automatically
  • Output by layer / color
  • Auto-welding for binding same color of shapes
  • Tiling / Paneling for segmentation of cutting
  • ARMS can be controlled by software
  • Reverse-side cutting or creacing is supported in FC4500/FC4510
  • ultiple over cutting is possible
  • atrix copy for higher productivity
Compatible OS
Windows Vista / XP / 2000, Mac OSX 10.2 - 10.5
Compatible Software
Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW

Versatile software D-Cut Master D-cut Master is an option in FC4500 and FC4510.

This software reads a DXF file in the AutoCAD R13 format and then enables data display, deleting, sorting, changing of the output order, specification of output setting, and saving functions as well as creation of GP-GL plot data and output to a plotter.

Main Features

  • The Cutting Simulation function enables checking of the cut sequence, changing of the cut sequence, and tiled cutting prior to actual output.
  • Output in separate layers or separate colors can be specified.
  • Output conditions can be selected by layer name or color.
  • Matrix Copy function
  • Any drawing exceeding the plotter’s Valid Area can be output in multiple pages using the Tiling function.
  • Supports a sorting function to minimize tool movement.
  • The Weed Border cutting function enables automatic output of a border to facilitate weeding of the cut media.
  • Output conditions can be managed by media name.
Compatible OS
Windows Vista / XP / 2000