Things to know
Many consumables such as various paper media and replacement blades are provided for your use.

Note that some consumables are not available in some areas, or are only available in specific areas. Please contact your nearest reseller or distributor for details.
Designation Part No. Description CC100-20 CC200-20 CC330-20 CC300-20 CE5000-40-CRP
Cutter Set CR09301E 1 holder with supersteel blade and adjustment caps        
CR09305E 1 holder with supersteel blade and adjustment caps    
Cutter Blade CB09UA-5 0.9 φ supersteel blade 5 pieces/set        
Cutter Plunger PHP32-CB09N-HS for 0.9 φsupersteel blade 1 piece        
Ballpoint Pen Holder CR09302E 1 ballpoint pen holder        
CR09306E 1 ballpoint pen holder    
Carrier Sheet CR09307E Carrier sheet A4 , 2 sheets      
CR09308E Carrier sheet A4 , 2 sheets*1      
CR09309E Carrier sheet A4 , 2 sheets*2      
CR09300E-A3 Carrier sheet A3 , 2 sheets        
Cutting Mat CR09303E 1 Cutting Mat  
Card with
Craft Paper Backing
CR09001E 10sheets / pack  
Card without
Craft Paper Backing
CR09002E 15sheets / pack
Film Labels CR09003E 5 sheets / pack  
Vinyl Film A CR09005E 3 sheets / pack  
Magnetic Sheet CR09008E 2 sheets / pack

*1 Soft adhesive type for Photo paper, Copy paper.
*2 Hard adhesive type for Scrap booking paper.