what is Craft ROBO?
Craft ROBO series makes you creative with
its precision cutting of various media.
CraftROBO Pro

A3 Model

CraftROBO Pro

Create a wide variety of paper works
Easy 4 steps operation
Step 1
Design Step 2
Print Step 3
Cut Step 4
Use the software provided to design your stickers, or open a downloaded data file. Print out your created design on a printer. Load the printed sheet in the Craft ROBO and cut out your stickers. Peel off the stickers and affix them to the selected objects.
Your original labels are now complete.

Item Craft ROBO Pro
Media transport Grit rolling
Drive system Digital servo
Maximum cutting range 375 mm x 50 m
Effective sheet width Max. 484 mm, Min. 50 mm
Cutting force 0.2–2.9N (20 gf to 300 gf) (31 levels)
Maximum Cutting speed 600 mm/s( in all directions)
No. of pens mountable 1 pen
Compatible Media Film media : 0.25 mm or less in thickness
Kent paper up to 238 g/m2
 drawing paper,postcards, scrapbooking paper; inkjet photo paper
(Not all types of media can be cut)
Interface RS-232C/USB 2.0 (Full Speed)
Power supply 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 100 VA
Working environment 10 to 35 deg. C, 35 to 75 % R.H. (non-condensing)
Guaranteed operating environment 16 to 32 deg. C, 35 to 70 % R.H. (non-condensing)
External dimensions
 (W x D x H)
Approx. 623 x 285 x 223 mm
Weight Approx. 9.4 kg
Corresponding operating systems Windows XP / 2000, MacOS 9.X to 10.X *2*3

*1: Thickness dependent

*2: If using OSX 10.X, Cutting Master 2 is available as a plug in for Adobe Illustrator.

*3: Cutting Master is also available for the older OS 9.X, however it is only compatible with the CraftROBO Pro.