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midi LOGGER GL series Applications

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Evaluation test during development of refrigerator (40ch)

Monitoring of temperature and other signal in an evaluation test of multiple refrigerator.

If you need only Voltage and
Temperature in less channels……GL220     If you need the data more than 20ch signals ( up to 500ch ) And LAN connection……GL820

Performance test of air conditioning system (40ch)

Monitoring the temperature of each measurement point how is going to be changed during test.

If you need more than 20ch signals ( up to 500ch )20ch extension terminal (Option)……GL820

Monitoring of water heat system

Monitoring each part of temperature, and water flow by flow sensor with high speed sampling.
It is possible to use the GL900-8 or GL900-4 !!!

If you need the data of High speed sampling……GL900 series          The GL900 series have 8ch model and 4ch model.